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A virtual entertainment-centered community of Diaspora Eritreans.

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The Eritrean Diaspora Entertainment Network is designed to help converge a diverse set of ideas into harmonious groups and/or projects. Cultivating a win-win environment for prospective members and audience(s) alike will attract more people in our global community, innumerably enhancing the chances of successfully breaking out of The Community (i.e. going viral). In addition to being a vessel for collaboration, EDEN can also serve as an entertainment center and information hub on the internet. With the integration of social media, EDEN will strive to give Eritreans in the Diaspora enhanced opportunities of reaching a shared global audience for the promotion and marketing of their respective endeavors. The last, yet most crucial, aspect of of this organization is the preservation of the the Eritrean Identity. A virtual platform makes it easier to build bridges across the globe, making it advantageous to create connections with like-minded people worldwide.

EDEN’s Mission is to be a leader in the engagement, promotion and collaboration of Diaspora Eritreans in the entertainment industry.

EDEN’s Vision is to play a role in the creation of an international Eritrean Cultural and Civic Community Center (EC4).

EDEN’s goals are to help build connections between, provide entertainment for, share ideas with, and promote efforts of Eritreans in the entertainment industry.

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